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Farming this Genshin Impact boss fight each week

Buy Genshin Impact Account Tartaglia, also known as “Childe,” is a member of the Fatui. You originally meet him during Genshin Impact‘s “Rite of Descension” quest. Now, thanks to the version 1.1 update, you can obtain him via a Wish banner. Likewise, you’ll battle him as part of a quest known as “A New Star Approaches.” Here’s our guide to help you beat Childe/Tartaglia during this quest and in later encounters.

But to sum up: Childe is at Fatui, which means that to add him to your party you will have to use the old typical RPG tag, which requires you to kick his ass first.

Either way, Childe is a 5-star Hydro bow user who also has access to melee weapons. As a result, it's no wonder he's causing problems for players - he's certainly a lot tougher than a standard Fatui.

 Genshin Impact

Fans who have grinded (or spent) their way past dungeons, abyssal mages, and Fatui legionnaires can finally encounter a new experience in their game. If some fans have already complained about the lack of content that the game offers, then miHoYo’s latest patch updated could freshen their minds.

Since the character can put up a shield, uses homing attacks and switches up strategies, it can be a bit more involved than the prologue’s boss fight. (As you might expect from the playable version of Childe, the Hydro element will be used against you, but also expect Electro attacks.) Being near the edges and having some DPS characters (like Diluc or Klee) on hand to handle the shield is a good idea. However, now that miHoYo is adjusting it, new tactics could come up.

Of course, make sure you avoid Childe/Tartaglia’s other abilities, too, so your characters can survive. You can just keep running around to evade his projectiles and dash combos, all while waiting for any healing skill or reviving food cooldowns. With any luck, you should be farming this Genshin Impact boss fight each week.

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