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Kartrider Rush+ has pressed go on its brand new season

All engines are go for Season Two of the latest mobile kart-racing obsession, KartRider Rush+. Beginning today, speed addicts and racing gamers can burn rubber in an overhaul of new content for the multiplayer game from NEXON.

Today’s Season Two “Celestial Sword” update delivers a garage packed with sleek rides, all geared to lap the competition in KartRider Rush+’s action-packed gameplay. The new “Terra Blade” vehicle allows players to pose and gallop in the air. Additional karts including the “Golden Roadhog” and legendary “Justice” karts can also be unlocked and customized for the race track.

Importantly, the free update to this racing title adds a garage packed with sleek rides, all geared to lap the competition in KartRider Rush+’s action-packed gameplay. The brand new Terra Blade vehicle provides p[layers a cool looking new steed to gallop through the air. Other karts, such as the Golden Roadhog, might not get off the ground but they look just as shiny as the legendary Justice themed karts. It isn’t all about new racing karts, however, The second season of kart rider+ is adding new characters, tracks, accessories, and quests to the mix. This seems to be a fully-fledged set of additions to the existing mobile racer. Players picking it up will find the following in game:

    New Mini-Game Flag Battle – In this added arcade mode, players must locate the flag on the track and deliver it to the opposing team’s camp to earn points
    Unique Characters – Lunaris and Solaris, students of the legendary Moonlight gatekeeper, arrive to duke it out in kart-racing combat
    Fresh Accessories – Players can unlock new interior accessories such as “Bladeboard School ” to further decorate their My Room setups
    Rewarding Quests – From now until Thursday, July 30, players who complete a new in-game quest can collect Terra Coins to unlock the rare Terra Blade. Similarly, when players gather “Brush Shards,” they can exchange them for a “Solaris” code until Sunday, July 26.

Based on the existing, and incredibly popular, Kartrider franchise, Kartrider Rush+ waves the green flag on iOS and Android back earlier this year with a focus on a pick up and play experience that allows mobile games to get into the action with the minimum of fuss. Basically, it’s supposed to just be fun. Stay tuned to and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap KartRider Rush+ Battery Top Up for players.

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