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When WoW Classic Phase six will launch

Buy WoW Classic US Gold Blizzard has officially announced when WoW Classic Phase six will launch, bringing with it the Scourge Invasion and the highly-anticipated Naxxramas raid.

Many of these items have to be made first, and to make them you will need materials such as Enchanted Leather, Blood Vines, Essences of Life, Supple Indestructible Hide, Moon Cloth or Enchanted Thorium Bars. The corresponding recipes can be found in Silithus at Cenarius Castle.

 WOW Classic

And what's next in Classic? Thanks to a forum post from Community Manager Kaivax, we now know that too! Patch 1.13.6 heralds the last phase of WoW (buy now 14.99 €) Classic on December 1st. On December 3rd, the scourge event will start and the gates of Naxxramas will open at the same time. With the activation of the content it should then also be possible to deposit the "entry fee" (if necessary) for the raid with Archmage Angela Dosantos.

A slightly different view of the events in the gloomy Naxxramas necropolis now gives you the trailer from IKedit, which he published for the (hopefully) soon launch of WoW (buy now € 14.99) Classic Phase 6. The focus of his trailer is a warrior who dares cautious steps into the lower necropolis, and unsuspectingly touches the scattered bones of a (seemingly) lifeless frost wyrm. Check it out for yourself!

The return of Naxxramas marks the beginning of the end of the WoW Classic run, with the Burning Crusade next up on the list. It’s been an absolute blast up until now, and with even more bosses and loot than AQ, which most of us are still working through, players will be plenty busy for a long time getting everything they want out of Phase 6.

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