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Buy Kinah-the Change for New Arena System


Ever since it is initial implementation, the new arena rating system has taken consistent amounts of criticism and outright negative feedback compared to the system about Buy Kinah before. First, it was based off of the simple fact that it was quite a huge change when considering that it was implemented mid-season; next, was that it had far too many bugs and appeared as if it was completely untested before being thrown on live servers about Buy Kinah.
If all but the smallest glitches have been worked out, players have managed to find reasons to complain about it regardless of the fact that it is arguably better than most examples of everything before it. Frankly, most of the reasons are completely ridiculous about Buy Kinah.
Before I go into why most of the complaints are downright stupid, I will say that implementing it mid-season is obviously dumb. However, I do not understand how a huge part of the playerbase somehow believes that season 5 was some sort of marvelous and outstanding staple of good arena before this small overhaul of the system took place about Buy Kinah. It was not; period. It was and is still terribly bursty, bad players still can do reasonably well from forming teams like this, and it is a far cry from any previous seasons, even when you consider all of their relative problems as well. This modification did absolutely nothing to change any of this - in fact, if anything, it probably made it better due to the improvement in matchmaking systems to get cheap Buy Kinah.

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