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Aion Gold-About RMP and Championship.


Mutilate hero ZOM ditched RMP for rogue/warlock/paladin with the one and only Inflame for Aion Gold. They are off to a 72-9 start in the best European BG, Stormscale. Incredibly impressive considering the new ranking system matches your team against top 10 teams right away if you hit hot streaks about Aion Gold. I expect this comp to grow in power/popularity exponentially with upcoming warlock buffs, but I did not expect ZOM to ditch RMP so early. Minti/Venruki/Sodah have always been known for their rogue/mage/druid, and I do not ever expect to see Serennia-sama in a finesse/burst comp like RMP either.
That leaves the Korean powerhouse, Council of Mages as the only sponsored RMP team. Celex/Ely/Emolol, like Neilyo/Pookz/Verty has really struggled with the comp in WOTLK, and I fear the future of Gravitas Duelist as a sponsored team to get Aion Gold. Is this comp still capable of winning a championship? 75% of the RMPs on SK-100 3v3 are running with arcane mages instead of frost. While in theory, a perfectly coordinated burst sequence from arcane RMP is guaranteed death to anyone on the receiving end, is the comp reliable enough to win a best of 5 set against the likes of him?
Speaking of him, he is helping Realz/Sck to powerlevel their characters about Aion Gold. While he can be incredibly annoying to deal with on vent, he takes care of your character like the way your mother takes care of you when you are not in arena. He will do whatever it takes for you to min/max every last bit out of your toons aobut Aion Gold. And he knows all the shortcuts there is to know in WOW. I am also delighted that he did not quit arena after what Blizzard did to him, his 5v5 team went on a blistering 29-1 start and they already farmed that BG number one team.

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