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Cheap Aion Kinah-Rogues Off To A Fast Start In S6, Can We Keep It Up.


With huge buffs to priest survivability/lasting power, rogue/priest Cheap Aion Kinah, a comp already capable of winning deadly gladiator in the right hands in S5, is off to a fast start. Many of the top players are busy raiding Ulduar, and at the moment there are very little penalties for losing, so we really have to wait for a week or two before SK-100 stabilizes, but it is amazing to see priest/rogue on top with 27%/20% presentations, and DK is at rock bottom with 2% presentation. I highly doubt this picture will stay as is a month from now, but it is good to be in fantasy land once in a while!
And of course, RMP is dominating the 3v3 bracket as well. We have been here before. The rogue class performed extremely well at the start of S5, when other classes are learning their new specs/comps. Our specs/comps play almost exactly the same as before. Once other classes adjust, can we keep it up as S6 goes on Cheap Aion Kinah?
And after putting in 40 games as RMP in 3v3, it is safe to say our old arch rival; warrior is back in full force. A well played arms warrior honestly feels like what a rogue should be. Blade storm is absolutely positively devastating when used correctly, coupled with charge in combat, intervene, and intercept, they have more mobility than a shadow step rogue can ever dream of. Shattering throw and unrelenting assault overpowers gives them amazing utilities rogues simply do not have. Other than RMP, almost all of the top 3v3 comps use warriors, and most of them have not even scratched the potential of their 3.1 spec yet. They are more than capable of dropping rogues in a single intercept/charge stun, and they have vastly superior defensive cool downs than rogues as well and Cheap Aion Kinah.
Inflame won European TRs as warrior/lock/druid, against a six-packs worth of top RMPs. I am almost 100% sure Hafu/Glick Fnatic will attempt to rebuild their warrior/lock/druid team for MLG as well. This is the one comp that ended many American RMP dreams for a MLG championship, will they do Cheap Aion Kinah again?

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